Staying Strong: Resilience Training

In our Staying Strong programme we’ll introduce you to our BOUNCE methodology and help you to:

  • Apply the BOUNCE methodology to build 6 core resilience factors
  • Maintain high performance and wellbeing during times of stress
  • Manage your energy and optimise your strengths in the face of difficulty
  • Apply specific techniques to deal effectively with setbacks and negative events
  • Build and leverage your social support network to help overcome challenges

“I’m now looking at challenges from a new and different perspective”

“I have learned to look at challenges from a different perspective” (Senior healthcare professional)

“It taught me to challenge preexisting, unhelpful ideas” (Manager)

“The new models and tools will be useful in both my work and my personal life” (Manager)

“I learnt that I could benefit from acknowledging my strengths more and using them more in new and different ways” (Nurse)

Participants from an Acute NHS Trust, North East Essex