Executive Coaching

We bring out the best in leaders, managers and key talent by helping our coaching clients identify and activate their strengths, and apply these optimally to their context. We also help them to manage any risks or strengths that may be “going into overdrive”

Our coaching programmes are tailored around the specific needs of the individual, and common themes include:

  • Identifying significant leadership strengths, how to make the most of them, and how to use them optimally
  • Proactively spotting areas of performance risk and developing strategies to manage them skillfully
  • Developing an authentic leadership brand
  • Managing change and pressure with skill and resilience

“I have met and exceeded my coaching goals ...”

"Ruth is a pleasure to work with. Her positivity and enthusiasm provides an energy to our coaching sessions that motivates me to aim beyond what I thought was possible. This, combined with her careful challenge, has enabled me to tackle what would otherwise be very difficult issues in an open and positive way. As a result, I have met and exceeded my coaching goals and have found a new drive to tackle further challenges with a courage and conviction that I did not realise I possessed."

Director of operations, Acute NHS Trust