Your strengths are your unique underlying qualities that energise you and lead to peak performance. 

When you are using them you tend to feel more strengthened, authentic, engaged and most likely to excel in these areas that energise you.

We offer a strengths discovery session with one our strengths coaches to anyone who wants to see how they can get more energy, satisfaction and success in their work.


You demonstrate passion and energy when communicating goals, beliefs, interests or ideas you feel strongly about.

When you sign up for a strengths discovery session you will receive:

  • a strengthscope standard report
  • an hour with one of our strengths coaches to interpret your profile
  • an exploration of your significant strengths and how these are currently used
  • an exploration of how your strengths can be used more skilfully to avoid going into overdrive 
  • a framework for building on and developing your strengths moving forward.


You work cooperatively with others to overcome conflict and build towards a common goal

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